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Kj Brand/>
If you settle for nothing less than an exquisite fit and a modern aesthetic, this German label is your trouser expert. Whether straight cut or gently flared, in a classic colour or with an ornamental print, you can count on an ideal fit and unbeatable comfort.
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KjBRAND is a renowned company which is well-known for its modern, high quality fashion. As a specialist in young plus-size fashion, KjBRAND knows what its doing when it comes to fit and striking designs. The collections range from coats and tops as well as a large selection of trousers to cater for their customers' wishes and requirements, whatever they may be.


The designer Martina Lewe is always ready for new challenges and performs exactly the right role as Head of Design in the product management department. Fashion is a never-ending chapter so it is a paradise for fashion followers and creative people. KjBRAND's collections are modern, on-trend, young, dynamic, sporty and suitable for any ages. It goes without saying that they focus on the needs of curvy women.

With their numerous years of professional experience as well as the right expertise and commitment, the designer creates modern designs which are fashionable and flatter curves.

Background story

The company has been successful for over 50 years and still maintains its continuous quality and creativity. On January 1st 2005, Adam Haas and his son-in-law Richard Brand founded Brand & Haase OHG in Elsenfeld. The company has grown continuously since then. In 1975 the management role was handed over to Richard Brand's son, Karl-Josef Brand. Two years later, they entered a partnership with the Gessner family which have been sales representatives of the product in Germany and Switzerland ever since.

The company started focusing more on the plus-size industry towards the end of the 80s. In 2007, it changed its name to KjBRAND. The label stands for modern collections with a perfect fit. Consistent and high standards and inspirational influences are the brand’s top priority which led it to be ranked first as the overall winner in the “Markt intern XXL size focus”. KjBRAND specialises in young plus-size fashion and offers impressive dynamic, on-trend designs. Their products are mainly sold in Europe, particularly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Russia. A customer-oriented company which places the focus on curvy women and always designs with them in mind, making sure it never stagnates and develops continuously.


The Elsenfeld-based company which was founded in 1955 currently employs around 60 people. It designs two collections a year, based on its customers' wishes. KjBRAND produces around 320,000 items and exports 30% of this amount. This company has set itself the task of treating its partners and customers fairly and respectfully. The development from outline to finishing touches happens exclusively in Germany on modern computer facilities. The pattern production still takes places in Elsenfeld, determined by the trusting cooperation for three generations. With personal dedication and constant commitment all of the staff members create a place for the company’s development and success in the market.

The label has an annual turnover of € 10 million and has become established over the course of more than 50 years.


KjBRAND has focused on trousers with normal and short length, offering its customers a wide range of styles and cuts.

“We feel particularly committed to our customers and their specific needs for their figures.”
This quote is representative and the guideline for the collections which are made in sizes 10 to 30. The combination of a modern touch, quality and a perfect fit is crucial and leaves customers room for inspiration and the healthy feeling of being understood - whatever their age. Because this is a valuable and sensitive topic, especially in the plus size sector.
“KjBRAND stands for exclusive fashion collections specially designed for curvy women. Innovative lifestyle fashion based on experience, happiness and harmony.”

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