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Description & details

Cut a sleek silhouette in these Mona trousers.
Designed to sit high on your waist and with moderately narrow legs, they're perfect for creating the illusion of leaner silhouette. The elegant, woven fabric boasts a subtle sheen which gives them a gorgeous, polished finish.

Editor's Notes: The super versatile shape makes them a great blank canvas for anything from embellished knits to printed blouses.


80% viscose, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane

Did you know?

Elastane: a synthetic, elastane is added in small quantities to fabrics to provide stretch and shape retention. It allows freedom of movement and delivers long lasting fit. Lycra is a premium branded version of elastane.

Viscose: used to be known as 'artificial silk' because like silk it has superb drape, is soft to the skin and can be dyed in rich colours. A man-made fabric, it's made from wood pulp and blends easily. You will often find it blended with other fabrics to add softness, lustre or absorbency (it's highly absorbent and so cool to wear in the summer).

Polyamide: is a synthetically manufactured fibre that has been significantly optimised over the past few years to improve its breathability and comfort when worn. The fibres are extremely durable and can be used in a variety of ways. Polyamide is a popular material for making activewear.

Size & Fit

Body shape: Rectangle, Oval, Strawberry.

The model is 5′9″ tall and wears a UK size 16 according to our body measurement chart.

In this chart, you will find the exact measurements of the selected item. In addition to the UK size, the manufacturer sizes are also included in case you have already had experience with a particular designer.

UK size 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32
Manufacturer size 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58
Waist width
Waistband Waistband

We measure the waistband from one side to the other side. If the waistband is elasticated, we always provide the minimum measurement (pulled together) as well as the maximum measurement (stretched out). To find out the circumference around the waistband, double the listed measurement.

inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch
Length Length

For tops and dresses, we measure the total length from the side edge of the neckline down to the lower hem. If the item has different lengths, both the minimum and maximum length are provided. For trousers and skirts, the length is measured along the outer side from the waistband to the end of the leg/skirt.

inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch
Hip width
Hips Hips

We measure the hips 62 cm below the side edge of the neckline. For trousers, we measure the width 21 cm below the waistband. To find out the circumference around the hips of an item, double the listed measurement.

inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch
Inside leg length
Inside leg length Inside leg length

We measure the inside leg length from the crotch towards the hemline of the trousers.

inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch
Crotch length
Rise Rise

The rise is measured from the centre of the waistband to the lowest point of the crotch.

inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch
Thigh width
Thigh Thigh

We measure the width of the thigh on the trouser leg at the height of the crotch. To find out the circumference of the thigh of an item, double the listed measurement.

inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch inch

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Item reviews
10 Item reviews
29 October 2017
Worth every penny
20 October 2017
Have two pairs of these in 3 colours and couldn't manage without them. Soooo comfy, wash well, wear well, and two decent pockets, wear in all seasons, Love them!
9 October 2017
I would happily buy one of these in any colour they choose to put out. The cut is perfect, they always look great. The material doen's crease and is even wash & wear. I always feel well dressed in one of these even after sitting down for a long time the knees don't bulge. On top of which these trousers are comfortable.
13 February 2017
love the comfort of these smart trousers for an active working life. trousers were 2.5" too long so needed to turn the hems loosing the nice notch detail. Please stock different lengths that are available - 27". 29". 31".
18 July 2016
A good fit and quality . Good for travel as they are comfortable and don't crease
16 June 2016
22 April 2016
Great trousers - these are my 5th pair. Very comfortable stretch fit. Smart casual. Machine wash as often as you like and they will retain both their shape and colour. Best trousers I have ever bought. Expensive but worth it!
14 October 2017
These trousers are definitely NOT slim fit. They are great if you want a normal style but will disappoint if you like a more fashionable fit.
17 March 2017
The length was a bit long.
21 April 2017
I am very disappointed with these trousers. I have worn them once and because the elastic waist is not stitched on the top and bottom it rolls over and then the pants are no longer secure and start to fall down. I spent every few minutes pulling them up. Not impressed at all and would like to return them.
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